D. C. Range


The system uses sophisticated, rugged, field proven technology to save power up to 90% comparing to existing ones.

The systems comes with luminaries, fans, intelligent charge controller cum monitor, battery and solar panel.

It works entirely on D.C. power system, so that existing A.C. electrical wiring is not disturbed. Also no wastage of power in charging and conversion from D.C. to A.C. The unique technology saves power up to 90% , so that you get 250W equivalent system at the cost of 40W system.


Entire range of lights and fans works in D.C. making it very efficient.

The luminaries come in 4, 2, 1 tubes and CFL forms  but made of LEDs. So it uses very low power and has a very long life.

Fans are D.C. operated and made specially for the application.

Has separate D.C. bus, does not interfere with the existing A.C. wiring. So at the time of installation no alteration is done to the existing wiring.

Solar charge controller with monitor and meter uses state of the art DSP Technology to monitor, control, and display all functions. On board LCD display indicates current power used, number of hours backup available, battery level, total run hours, total units of power saved and etc.

Anytime someone switches on a load, the unit automatically indicates how many more hours the unit will have backup power.

Inbuilt  safety for overload and over voltage conditions.

Inbuilt optional day/night operations.

When solar power is available, the system directly runs the load from solar power and runs from battery when there is no solar power. Also it is intelligently shared at the time of requirement.

Backup to all the lights and fans up to 24/7 as per requirement and usage.

Very high efficiency, so very small sized panel, battery and enclosure, all fit into 1' by 1' area.

Comes  with optional DC attachments such as table lamps, mobile cum gadget charger, laptops or TV adaptor and etc.

The high efficiency of the system makes it low cost and very affordable.  


  Other Products Solar Wave
1. Uses UPS and wastes lots of energy. No UPS used thus saving energy up to 40% more.
2. Uses very big solar panels covers almost entire roof space Solar panel size is almost 10 times smaller, can even be fit on a window shade.
3.   Life of the system is around two years. Life of the system is around fifteen years.
4.   Uses big bulk batteries. Uses much smaller battery.
5. Costs prohibitively high. At very low cost.
6. Most of the time used as emergency power and not saving electricity. Used as an alternate power source, thus reducing electricity bills up to 80%.
7. Consumes electricity to charge battery in the        absence of solar energy. Saves and holds reserved power in the absence of solar energy.